Publication in Food Analytical Methods

In February, a review paper “What can be done to get more—extraction of phenolic compounds from plant materials” was published in the journal Food Analytical Methods, published by Springer, which is the result of cooperation between SLCJ UW (dr hab. Aleksandra Sentkowska), the Faculty of Agriculture of the Goce Delcev University in Macedonia (prof. Violeta Ivanova-Petropulos) and the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw (prof. dr hab. Krystyna Pyrzyńska). The publication is available at the link:

Publication in Frontiers of Physics

In January 2024, a reviewed article by the Warsaw team “The g-factor measurement as an ultimate test for nuclear chirality” was published in the spingernature journal Frontiers of Physics:
One of the authors, Julian Srebrny, about the publication: “We in Warsaw were fortunate to co-create a newly emerging field that was initially considered an exotic curiosity rather than an influential field:  chirality in low energy nuclear structure.
The phenomena are identified among an increasing number of isotopes and elements.
There are cases (e.g. the 136Nd ) in which chirality is responsible for 90% of the nuclear behaviour. We hope to go down in the history of nuclear physics with smaller or larger letters (depending on the dynamics of the field’s development).”

Beam schedule for the beginning of 2024

The beam schedule from the Warsaw U-200P Cyclotron until mid-March 2024 is now available on the “Beams” website.