For visitors

HIL Users

Before arriving for an experiment, data analysis, or conference at HIL you must register as a HIL User. To do this no later than 1 week before arrival:
  1. Complete the registration form (MS_Word, PDF) and send it to: registration(at)
  2. When applying for access to radiation controlled areas, you must also attach a certificate enabling work with ionization radiation (MS_Word, PDF) and pass a test of knowledge of radiation protection. Helpful resources are available here. Link to the test.

How to reach HIL?

The maps should help you to find your way:

If you arrive by air you can:

  • Take the bus number 175 or 188 from the airport and get off at the Banacha-Szpital stop – the ride should take about 15 minutes, at typical traffic conditions. From the stop you have about 500 m walk to the Laboratory building.
  • Take a taxi. The taxi price to HIL should not exceed 30 PLN (about 7 EUR) during the working day and is twice as expensive at night or during the weekends.
    We strongly recommend you to use only licensed taxis. You can find licensed taxis in front of the exit of the arrivals hall, or you can try calling a taxi company (for example: MPT Radio Taxi, phone: (+48) 22 19191, Merc Taxi, phone: (+48) 226777777, Sawa Taxi ( +48) 226444444).

If you arrive by train to Warszawa Centralna you can:

  • Take the tram number 7 or 9 or 25 going in the direction Banacha or Okecie from the stop which is in front of the train station (Aleje Jerozolimskie side) and get off at the 6th stop (Och-teatr). The Laboratory building is about 400 m from this stop.
  • Take the bus number 175 (direction Lonisko Chopina/Chopin Airport) or 504 (direction Os.Kabaty) or 128  (direction Szczesliwice) from the stop which is in front of the train station Warszawa Centralna (at Aleje Jerozolimskie street) and get off at the stop Banacha-Szpital (it’s 5th stop for 128,175, 504).

Bus and tram tickets can be purchased directly in the vehicle or at ticket machines located near the stops.

When arriving by car:

  • We hope that the maps mentioned above will be helpful, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Guest rooms at HIL

Several guest rooms are available in the Laboratory building. For information and reservation please contact Ms. Lidia Strzelczyk tel. +48-22-5546111 or +48-22-8224038, mail: strzelczyk(at)



Telephones at HIL

Most important telephone numbers are collected in the “Contacts” page.

An up to date telephone directory can be found here.

Internally (within the entire University of Warsaw), dial only the last 5 digits of the 55yyxxx number. The two-digit yy code usually corresponds to a specific faculty or other unit within the University. All numbers in the Laboratory have the 55 46xxx form.

Outside line can be reached from any telephone in the Lab by first dialing 9.


Visits to the Laboratory can be arranged on request for organised groups.

The excursions usually comprise of:

  • a movie introduction to the nuclear physics,
  • mini-lectures on principles of heavy ion acceleration in a cyclotron and research activities which exploit beams produced by the accelerator,
  • the tour of the laboratory, including visit to the cyclotron hall and the experimental area.

The presentations should be comprehensible for high school pupils and university students.

For arranging a visit, please contact Justyna Samorajczyk-Pyśk,

or by e-mail: samorajczyk(at)

Excursions are free of charge.