Defence with distinction of the master thesis of Iwona Piętka

On the 4th of September 2023, Ms. Iwona Piętka defended her master’s thesis with distinction
at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. The work concerned the electromagnetic structure
studies of the 110Cd nucleus using Coulomb excitation method and was entirely based on the data collected
at Heavy Ion Laboratory UW. The supervisor of the thesis was Dr. Katarzyna Wrzosek-Lipska.

MSc Iwona Piętka will continue the research on structure of 110Cd within her doctoral thesis.
The work will be carried out at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
under the supervision of Dr. hab. Leszek Próchniak and Dr. Katarzyna Wrzosek-Lipska.

We wish Iwona success in her further work !

TVP about cyclotron

The first episode of series “Krypton – what science gives us / Cyklotron” was edited on TVP Nauka.

The program is now available on the VOD TVP service:,88/krypton

Wojtek Gawlikowicz passed away

On August 16, 2023, Dr. hab. Wojciech Maria Gawlikowicz, profesor of UKSW.
Professor Gawlikowicz was a specialist in the field of research and modeling of nuclear reaction mechanisms, as well as experimental techniques related to the detection of charged particles and neutrons.
He has been working at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences of UKSW since 2010. Earlier, after returning from a postdoctoral fellowship in USA, he worked at the Heavy Ion Laboratory on the EURISOL-DS project and here obtained his habilitation degree at the University of Warsaw.