NTNPD-2021 @ HIL

On 25 of October 2021 the international workshop “New Trends in Nuclear Physics Detectors” started at Heavy Ion Laboratory. The program of event organised by JINR Dubna,  Silesian University in Opava and HIL is available on the NTNPD-2021 Webpage.

Dr Hassan Maridi story in Nature

The featured story of Dr Hassan Maridi has been published in Nature by the science journalist – Virginia Gewin.

The article talks about stories of three displaced researcher by conflict. The research preformed by Dr Maridi at HIL from 2016 and the support of NAWA, the past scholarship of SRF is presented in brief.

Marek Budziszewski passed away

On the 16th of October 2021 Marek Budziszewski, a long-term employee of the Heavy Ion Laboratory of the University of Warsaw, passed away. He was a man of a great work culture, kind to people, straightforward and helpful.

We will miss him.