HIL@ECOS – Extension of HIL for the ECOS initiative

13th of June 2018 Prof. Krzysztof Rusek, Director of HIL submitted a proposal of substantial HIL upgrade to the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.

The heavy ion accelerator has been in use at the HIL UW for over 25 years. It is therefore projected to replace it with a new device that would demonstrate improved parameters of energy, ion range and beam intensity. This project will allow for a unique device to be present in Poland and in our part of Europe. It will be used to carry out fundamental research in the field of nuclear physics, including research into properties of superheavy elements as well as a variety of applications in nuclear power, medical science, research into the properties of solid targets, astrophysics and others. A vital part of this project is the possibility to ensure the highest level of training for students and scientists by means of access to one of the top devices of this kind in the world. This project constitutes part of the implementation of the high intensity stable beams (ECOS) programme, considered by the European Program FP7 EURONS and recommended by the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC).

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