DF: Davydov-Filippov Code

The DF code is designed to calculate energies of collective states (up to spin 30) and reduced matrix elements of E2 transitions in even-even nuclei. Calculations based of the Davidov-Filippov model of rigid asymmetric rotor [1] can be performed with the E2 operator  daum_equation_1481307665179or daum_equation_1481308034991. An input file for the FAUST code can be created as an option.

History of versions:

1992 – ver.1.

2007 – ver. 2. Variable moment of inertia [2] was added.

2015 – on-line version [3].


kdf2.pas                      the source code written in Borland Turbo-Pascal

kdf2.exe                      the executable file working under control of DOS or Microsoft Windows (32 bits) operating systems

df_manual.pdf            the manual.

kody.slcj.uw.edu.pl    on-line version.


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Contact: Paweł J. Napiorkowski
Last update: 11/01/2017