Basic Training School on Accelerators BTS24

On June 18-27 2024, the International Basic Training School on Accelerators (BTS24) was held at the Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw, organized in cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw. Thanks to the financial support provided by the EURO-LABS project, 18 students from various countries worldwide could participate in the workshop.

Young physicists had the opportunity to expand their knowledge by participating in lectures given by local and international experts. The subjects presented in the lectures included the detection of ionizing radiation, introduction to gamma spectroscopy, basics of target preparation, fundamentals of nuclear reactions, production of radioisotopes for medical applications, and acceleration of heavy ions. The critical part of the workshop was acquiring practical laboratory skills and teamwork. Participants carried out independent experiments in small groups, using the unique research equipment available at the HIL Warsaw, and had a chance to show the obtained results in the presentation session closing the school.