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Piglets DDeep Forest – Science Rock Project

When a doctor of physical sciences (Monika Paluch-Ferszt, HIL UW) and an engineer (Adam 'Multi' Paluch) meet with professional musicians (Sławek 'Sowa' Puchała and Kamil Roloff), something extraordinary must be created. This is how the music and popularization project, under the name 'Piglets DDeep Forest' - Science Rock - was born out of love for music and science. On their debut album, 'DDeep in Time' (released on December 3, 2023), you'll find 10 tracks recorded in the Space Rock style. The songs narrate: how nuclear power plant work; they describe the nuclear fission process; fuel and moderators needed for the proper operation of a nuclear reactor and more... Already in the first reviews from around the world (USA, UK, Estonia, Brazil, Poland, etc.), it has been appreciated that these songs not only provide great entertainment through music but also allow listeners to delve into the secrets of complex scientific issues: 1. Read more

Szlachetna Paczka 2023

As every year, SLCJ joined the Szlachetna Paczka campaign. The result of our efforts in the form of many packages was delivered to the selected family last weekend. We hope it will bring you a lot of joy this holiday season. Photo report available here.
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Individual awards of the UW Rector

Individual awards of the 3rd degree Rhetor of the University of Warsaw for scientific achievements were awarded to: Ph.D. Marcin Palacz - for organizing and managing the successful international NEEDLE measurement campaign using the NEDA detection system and the EAGLE gamma-ray spectrometer, Ph.D. Aleksandra Sentkowska - for research entitled: "Methodological aspects in determining selenium speciation" resulting in obtaining a habilitated doctor's degree. Congratulations and we wish you continued success! ...
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