The Warsaw IGISOL

Contact person: A. Wojtasiewicz

The IGISOL facility (Ion Guide and Isotope Separator On-Line) is constructed and installed on line with the cyclotron U200P. It is designed for the heavy-ion reactions and production of the radioactive beams to study of short-lived isotopes especially of the refractory elements.

The device consists of the mass separator, the ion source of the Ion Guide type, the helium pumping system and the detection set-up.

The main characteristics of the IGISOL are:

  • Mass separator
    • Scandinavian type,
    • acceleration voltage 40 kV
    • analyzing magnet: 55 degrees of deflection,
    • mean radius of ion trajectories: 1500 mm
    • mass resolving power: 700 to 260 depending on helium pressure in ion source.
  • Ion source
    • Ion Guide type (designed for HI induced fusion-evaporation reactions),
    • attenutation of plasma effect (“shadow method”)
  • Helium pumping system
    • two Roots pump stands, each of about 4000 m3 pumping speed,
    • helium purification system (LN traps)
    • evacuation time of ions from helium chamber of the order of 10-3.
  • Detection setup
    • tape station
    • advanced time delayed system (beta, gamma-gamma, Ge, Si(Li), BaF2 detectors),
    • mini-orange spectrometer.

The Warsaw IGISOL is a part of the EU Ion Catcher project.