OPUS 14, PRELUDIUM 14, DAINA 1: more than € 83 million available for basic research

The National Science Centre has announced the 14th edition of the OPUS and PRELUDIUM funding opportunities and the 1st edition of the Polish-Lithuanian DAINA programme. Scholars carrying out basic research will compete for a total of € 83.4 million in funding.

– OPUS 14, funding scheme offers grants for the performance of basic research to all scientists, irrespective of their research experience (proposals submitted under this scheme may include the purchase or construction of research equipment);

– PRELUDIUM 14, offers funds to researchers at the beginning of their career who have not been awarded their PhD degree yet.

– DAINA 1, a new funding opportunity for joint Polish-Lithuanian research teams to be launched by the National Science Centre (NCN) and the Research Council of Lithuania (Lietuvos mokslo taryba, LMT). The programme aims to support research projects in all fields of science and the humanities.

Proposals must be submitted via the ZSUN/OSF system (https://osf.opi.org.pl) by 15th December 2017.