New Paper of the Warsaw team

At July 28th 2022 in Physical Review C was published extensive paper of the Warsaw team on detailes of our magnetic moment measurement of the band head of chiral bands in 128Cs.
It is the first measurements of this type for chiral nucleus. The short information was published in Phys. Rev. Letters in 2018.
Thanks to very precise measurement by Time Dependent Perturbed Angular Distribusion the results was very precise and was established
that there is no chirality for that chiral bands head in that case.
As a consequence of this result first two weeks of July 2022 on beam of our cyclotron was devoted for a search of suppose phase transition from not chiral to chiral structure in 128Cs.

Examination of nuclear chirality with a magnetic moment measurement of the I=9 isomeric state in 128Cs
E. Grodner, M. Kowalczyk, M. Kisieliński, J. Srebrny, L. Próchniak, Ch. Droste, S. G. Rohoziński, Q. B. Chen, M. Ionescu-Bujor, C. A. Ur, F. Recchia, J. Meng, S. Q. Zhang, P. W. Zhao, G. Georgiev, R. Lozeva, E. Fiori, S. Aydin, and A. Nałęcz-Jawecki
Phys. Rev. C 106, 014318 (2022)