Grzegorz Jaworski distinguished by the Rector for scientific achievements

Rector’s distinction for scientific achievements 2023 received

Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Maria Jaworski.

He is an assistant professor in the group of research workers at the Heavy Ion Laboratory, andco-author of 14 papers published in the last 2 years. However, his achievements in the development of research infrastructure at SLCJ deserve special mention. Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Maria Jaworski currently heads the NCN-Sonata 16 project: Doubly magic nuclei, proton-neutron interactions and shapes of atomic nuclei studied by gamma spectroscopy methods 2020/39/D/ST2/00466. As part of this project, he brought to the Laboratory, launched and conducted a successful experimental campaign using the NEDA system. It is currently the best neutron detector in the world, designed to work with multi-detector gamma radiation spectrometers such as EAGLE. In 2022, as part of the preparation of the research system, the candidate launched an innovative fully digital data collection system, and the measurement set he built was used to conduct 4 successful international experiments at SLCJ, and another 3 will be performed in the coming months. It is already clear that the results of the measurements are valuable and were presented at this year’s scientific conferences. The NEEDLE campaign at SLCJ is widely and positively commented on in the European nuclear physics community and has become a showcase of the success of the Laboratory and the University of Warsaw in Europe.