Unix computers at HIL

Several Linux  computers comprise  the Unix cluster at HIL.  (Some of the PCs can be alternatively booted  under Windows and used in connection  with the Novell network.)


In matters related to obtaining and using a Unix account, contact the Unix system administrator:

Łukasz Świątek,   room 209,  tel. 55 46209,   e-mail:

Disks and directories

We refrain from  imposing  disk quotas,  but  keep in mind that disks are shared among all  users of the system and you should  keep your disk usage within reasonable limits.  If you need large disk space (many MB), do not place  such files under your home directory.  Instead, contact the system administrator and you will be given a  special directory for this purpose,  providing that sufficient disk space is physically available.


Four network printers  are available. and several printing queues are defined. The printers are situated in:

  • the Acquisition Room – Sala Fizykow (queue HP_P2015dn, laser printer)
  • room 206,   2nd fl., B building (queue lp4, inkjet printer)
  • room 203,   2nd fl., B building (laser printer)
    • queue lp5 (duplex)
    • queue lp5_simplex (simplex)
    • queue lp5_hq (duplex, high quality)
    • queue lp5_simplex_hq (simplex, high quality)
  • room 346,   3rd fl., A building (queue lp6, laser printer)

lp4 is an ink-jet printer which in principle should only be used for short jobs which require colour. Before sending anything to lp4 queues please first check if you have physical access to the printer (room 206 may be locked), and if the required type of the paper is placed in the feeder.

The basic form of the printing command is: lpr -Pqueue , where `queue’ is the name of one of the accessible queues. This requires knowledge of the print queue names. A more sophisticated graphical tool called xpp is available on Linux machines. This tool presents a list of print queues, shows defaults and allows to change printing options.