NUSPRASEN Workshop on Nuclear Reactions (Theory and Experiment)

The ENSAR2 – NUSPRASEN Workshop on Nuclear Reactions (Theory and Experiment)  will take place at the Heavy Ion Laboratory in Warsaw from 22nd to 24th January 2018. The goal of the workshop is to gather worldwide experts in nuclear reactions, both in theory and experiment, to present and discuss important results, open questions and advancements in the field. A broad variety of aspects of nuclear reactions experiments, which are using beams ranging from very low energy to very high energy (keV to multi-GeV) that are available at current or future stable or radioactive beam facilities in Europe, as well as the role of reactions in nuclear astrophysics and applications, will be covered. The workshop will be the occasion to discuss in an expert atmosphere the important needs for theory in the coming decades as well as the new or coming experimental developments.

The scientific program will cover the following topics:
– Fragment production, fusion and fission, including very heavy elements
– Direct reactions with light exotic beams
– Reactions of nuclear astrophysics interest
– Reactions description including ab-initio theories
– Deep inelastic reactions, multi-nucleon transfer
– Superfluidity effects on reactions
– High energy beams and reactions with storage rings at GSI
– Reactions with hypernuclei
– Applications: Biophysics and hadron therapy; Space Radiation Research

The workshop is organized within the framework of the NUSPRASEN network of ENSAR2 that can provide some financial support. More information on NUSPRASEN can be found at: