Sessions will start after lunch on Wednesday, 20 October, and end at lunch Thursday, 21 October.

Lunches on 20 and 21 October will be provided to the participants free of charge. The participants are also invited to the workshop dinner on 20 October.

The registered participants receive zoom coordinates for the remote access.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
12:00Start of the registration
Session 1. Chair: Katarzyna Wrzosek-Lipska
14:0000:3014:30Macin PalaczWelcome. NEDA - the story and performance of
14:3000:3015:00Grzegorz JaworskiNEDA at HIL
15:0000:2015:20Christoph FransenKöln plunger
15:2000:1515:35Jarosław PerkowskiElectron Spectrometer
15:3500:3016:05Coffee break
Session 2. Chair: Magda Górska-Ott
16:0500:2516:30Bahadir SaygıCollectivity of 160Hf, 162W and 138Sm
16:3000:2516:55Bahadir SaygıSearching for X(5) symmetry in 132Nd
16:5500:2517:20Dmitry Testovnp-correlations in rotational band alignments in light Cs isotopes
17:2000:2517:45Costel PetracheLifetimes of bands in proton-rich Ba-Cs nuclei
19:30Workshop dinner, restaurant "Stara Szafa", ul. Ludna 10
Thursday, 21 October 2021
Session 3. Chair: Katarzyna Hadyńska-Klęk
09:3000:1009:40Paweł NapiorkowskiLate welcome from the director of HIL
09:4000:2010:00István KutiDIAMANT
10:0000:2510:25Marcin PalaczSingle particle states and N=Z=28 core excitations in 57Cu
10:2500:2510:50Bahadir SaygıLifetime Measurement of Isobaric Analog States in 45V and 49Mn
11:2000:2511:45Bahadir SaygıReduced transition probabilities of excited states in non-yrast bands of 166 Yb and 162Er
11:4500:2512:10Rafael EscudeiroTest of isospin symmetry in E1 transitions in the T=1/2 A=35 mirror pair
12:1000:1012:20Marcin PalaczSummary
12:2000:4013:00Discussions (in the lecture hall and at the experimental site)